you know you're obsessed when..

  • you won't get near anyone with the name Roger, Ralon, Ozorn, Joren or anyone we don't like from the books...
  • you start saying things like "odds bobs!" and "by mithros"...
  • after you fight, and someone askes you what happened, you say "I fell down".
  • you instantly fall in love with anyone called Jonathan, George, Numair, Nawat, Liam, Cleon, neal or Dom.
  • you insist on calling your history teacher "Sir Myles"
  • your little brother can't find his toy swords.
  • You get up at dawn to practice Shang Fighting.
  • you get a black cat and call it Faithful.
  • you die you're hair red and get purple contact lenses.
  • You spend hours looking up Tamora Pierce websites.
  • You are really enjoying reading this
  • You create a website
  • Your screen name or e-mail has to do with her books.
  • You wish that you lived in Tortall and were best friends with all your favorite characters.
  • you've read all the books at least twice/three times and more.
  • you don't dare draw any of the characters in fear that you might make one of them not look nice.
  • you go to get a haircut and take the book Squire with you and when they ask you what you want you say "just like this".
  • When you're asked where you are from you say "Tortall" and just smile.
  • when someone askes you for a good name for an animal you say: dog- jump. cat- faithful/ pounce. horse- moonlite/ darkmoon/ peachblosom (depends on the colord f the horse) if a pony- cloud.

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