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Song of the Lioness

Alanna The First Adventure

Coram- "i don't care if the two of ye want t' be dancing bears!"

Alanna- "what is it?"
The math teacher- "it's a building block" "without it you cannot hope to constructa safe bridge, a successful war tower or a catapult, a windmill, or a irrigation wheel. it uses are infinite. you will learn them by studying them, not by staring at me."

Alanna- "I could learn to hate that bell"

Myles- "if you have to hit- hit low"

George- "take of you'r cloak, then, and the shoes. you's first lesson starts now"

Alanna- "I think we were talking about what makes a bully"
Jonathan- "a bully fight people littler and weaker than he is because he thinks it's fun"

Jonathan- "you may have noticed my friends call me Jonathan, or Jon"
Alanna- "and am I you'r friend, Highness?"
Jonathan- "I do believe you are, i'd like you to be"
Alanna- then I am- Jonathan."

Myles- "I'm sorry, Alan, I know you and francis were friends"

Jon- "Alan?"
Alanna- "I'm here, Highness. it's Alan"
Jon- I know you won't let me die."

Coram- "ye're turnin' into a woman, aren't ye?
Alanna- "No!"

Raoul- "I hadn't meant to say anything, but since i have the chance- Alan, you seam to think we won't like you unless you do things just like everyone els. Have you ever thought we might like you because you'r different?

Jon- "I'm Jonathan- to my friends. kings and princes should be friendly, don't you agree?"

Coram- "some learn the sword. they work all the extra minutes they have. they don't let a piece of metal- or Aram Sklaw- beat them."

Alanna- "I'm not a boy, i'm a girl."
george- "you'r a- you'r a what!"

Alanna- "pigs might fly"

Duke gareth- "very good, Aram, you've turned out a machless swordsman"
Aram Sklaw- " 'twasn't me, yer gace, 'twas the lad trebond, and he did it all by himself"

Jonathan- "because he's my friend. because I always know where he stands, and where I stand with him. because I think he'd die for me, and- I think I'd die for him. is that enough?

Jonathan- I didn't come to have people treating me as if I'm made of gold"

Alanna- "that's because i'm the only one with insanity in my family"

Jonathan- "gods. that's why you never went swimming! all this time you've seen us naked- me naked!"

Alanna- "B-but, isn't it different? now that you know--"
Jonathan- "that you'r a girl? no, not in the way you mean. girl, boy, or dancing bear, you'r the finest page--he fines squire-to-be-- at court"

Jonathan- "Alanna of trebond- I will be honord if you will serve me as you'r squire"
Alanna- "my life and sword are yours, highness."

Jonathan- I'de almost rather face old Ylon again than Lord Martin an a temper"
Alanna- "I'll blame it all on you, see if I don't"

In the Hand of the Godess

Jonathan- "I dub the faithful, serve honorably and well"

Alanna- "so? He was stupid, if I killed everyone who was stupid, I wouldn't have time to sleep."

George- "upset for my safety?, I'm touched"
Alanna- "you're touched in the head"

Alanna- "nonsense, I'm as fit as--"
*she stumbled, and Jon caught her*
Jonathan- "you most certainly are"

Alanna- "the biggest attack this summer, and I'm supposed yo hide in my tent?, and me being your squire? are you out of your mind?"

Hilam- "Jemis is very harsh, I'm not. it's going to take more than these little barbs to pierce my armor--"
Jonathan- "perhaps my sword will pierce it, then?, thank you,faithful. you seem to have led us to the right place."

Myles- "are you all right?"
Alanna- "am I? I'm nor sure."

King Roald- "I dub thee Sir Alan, Knight of the rRealm of Tortall. Serve honorably and well."

Faithful- "there must be insanity in my family, too."

King Roald-"who knew?"
Jonathan- "I knew."

Alanna- "I'm going to miss you, old friend."

Alanna- "I want to spend the rest of this winter being warm"

Jonathan- "take care of her, Coram Smythesson!"
Coram- "and here I thought the best part of ridin' with a knight was that she would be lookin' after me"

Alanna- "C'mon Coram! Let's go find an adventure!"

The Woman Who Rides Like a Man
Ali Muhtab- "because the end of my life draws near. before I complete my last illness, prince Jonathan must become The Voice of the Tribes."

Faithful- "you're not alone, you have me still"

Alanna- "George worries aout me"
Faithful- "George Loves you"

Alanna- "i was only a little tired, you didn't need to give me so much."

Faithful- "you mustn't think you can look after the world"
Alanna- "who will look after it if I don't?"

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