Romantic quotes

Song of the Lioness

In the Hand of the Goddess

George- "we marry as young as fifteen here in the city"

george- "I only- I only wanted you to know how I feel, before you go marchin' off to some battlefield."

Alanna- "thank you for taking care of me, Jon"

Jonathan- "what's this?"
Alanna- "it's a charm to--- keep me from having children, Mistress Cooper gave it to me a-- a long time ago."
Jonathan- "Have you tried it out?"

Jonathan- "We belong to each other. Is that silliness? surly you've realized all along this had to happen"

Alanna- "I'm scared. Help me, please."
Jonathan- "I'me scared, too. at least we can be scared together."

Alanna- "don't die on me,it's only a shoulder wound. Goddess, George-- Don't die on me"

Alanna- "you just don't want Gary to see me bare."
Jonathan- "you're eright, I don't. do you?, Do you?

Jonathan- "I love you, Alanna, ignor it all you want, but I do love you."

Alanna- "I love you, Jonathan"
Jonathan- "I know, I just wanted to make sure you knew it, too."

Jonathan- "I love you more. Don't let him kill you."

Jonathan- "when you come home,all this will have blown over, and no one will be happier to see you that I."

The Woman Who Rides Like a Man

Jonathan- "what are you grinning about?"
Alanna- "well, 'woman with bad reputatin' go without vails among the bazhir, all this time I havn't worn a vail, but it took me untill tonight to get a bad reputation."

Jonathan- "marry me, sweet one, I love you, I want you for my wife"

George - "and I've been thinkin' you forgot me, just look at you! tan and fit and wearin' the clothes of a Bazhir-"
*Alanna looked up into his friendly hazel eyes and broke into tears.*

Alanna - "I'm a noble"
George - "no, you're my own sweet lass, and all the woman I could ever want".

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